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FEBRUARY 2, 2020

Bridals, Weddings

by Cheyenne Rimes

What is a bridal session?

Engagement sessions are universally known; therefore, the most common question during wedding consultations is “What is a bridal session?” Predominantly a Southern tradition, a bridal session is a portrait session prior to the wedding day that allows the bride to get dressed up in her full wedding attire - hair, makeup, jewelry, veil, shoes, bouquet, and of course, the dress. These portraits are kept a secret until the day of or after the wedding day and typically displayed at the reception or gifted to the groom. Bridal sessions are a fun sneak peek of what your actual wedding photos will look like.

The top four reasons you should have a bridal session:

I. Hair and Makeup Trial Most makeup and hairstylist offer brides a trial glam before their wedding day, so it's best to schedule it on the day of your bridal portraits to see your entire look come to life. Regularly, brides will make adjustments to their hairstyles and add more or less makeup after seeing their bridal portraits. It's ideal to make these changes before the wedding day rather than wishing you made adjustments after you've received your final wedding photos.

II. Get comfortable in your dress You've most likely had some alterations done to your dress. It looks beautiful but does it feel perfect? Your bridal session will allow you to spend time and move around in your dress before your wedding day. They'll be no reason to feel nervous about stepping on your dress as your walking down the aisle or twirling during your first dance because you will have tons of practice during your bridal session!

III. Get to know your photographer Scheduling a bridal session gives you more one-on-one time with your photographer and allows the two of you to form a relationship before the wedding day. You'll learn your photographer's shooting style and get plenty of practice in front of the camera making you feel like a pro the day of your wedding!

IV. Saving time on your wedding day Usually, the time allotted for portraits on the wedding day is limited and mostly spent on you and your groom together for romantic bride and groom portraits. Having a bridal session ensures you get the photos of you in your dress without any time constraints and more photos on your wedding day of you with your husband!

When you have found someone you have clicked with, let her help you focus on the day!

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