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Engagement Shoots: How to Prep

A major concern of couples taking engagement photos is what is going to happen during the engagement shoot. Often,you don’t know what to expect because you’ve never had professional photos taken before. That’s perfectly fine! I’ve created a personalized guide with some of the photos from my couples’ session that covers what to expect during my shoots so you don’t have to go in blind!

*** This guide is my own personal experience with couples. I can not speak for other photographers although you might find similarities if you work with other creatives. Each photographer has a different style that makes their experience unique. ***

  • Be yourself!

You don’t need the most experience in order to take a beautiful photo. What matters is your personality shining through the photos, making the experience yours. Your individuality is just as important as your couple chemistry in photos because you bring your own magic to the session. During the session, it might take a few shots to warm up during the session but once you get a groove going, you become natural because you don’t notice the camera when you’re just expressing yourself with your significant other

Andrea + Josh

We put on some music and let them dance like no one was watching.

2. Laugh your heart out!

No matter who you are, you laugh. You can be as serious as you want to be but there’s something in this world that makes you smile and that’s what I want to see. I want you to smile during the session and I will go to whatever lengths possible to get you to crack that smile. When you smile, your body relaxes by the slightest bit. When you fake the smile, you can get by but you will always remember that you looked miserable. When you’re laughing and genuinely smiling because you’re enjoying yourself, you are more natural and will notice the difference in photos. I don’t want you to only have a good photo; I want you to have a wonderful memory associated with each photo.

Caity & Jasper

“Have a staring contest until someone wins.”

3. Don’t stand still the whole time!

Standing still and holding your pose never looks natural, especially when it’s an unusual pose. If we’re honest, no one likes the engagement photos that look awkward. You want something that is natural and associated with a funny story you can tell everyone when you share the behind-the-scenes. I don’t want you standing still for non-formal portraits. I want you to move, dance, wiggle. Above all, I want you to be comfortable in your body because no one takes a good picture when they feel uncomfortable.

Victoria + Mario

A controlled spin can be a spontaneous way to get movement going!

4. Bring your props!

Your session is all about you and showcasing things you love in your announcement of being forever connected to someone you love. You’re creative so I want you to announce it any way you feel comfortable! Whether it’s a sign or letters, you can create and get creative with your announcement ideas within the photoshoot! I won’t stop you (unless it’s completely illegal by the location’s rules) and I’ll try my best to incorporate it into the shoot in a fun and funky way.

Cindy + Mark

Bringing a hand-written sign and a letter of the joint last name to-be is fun to set up!


While each session brings its own unique flair to it, these are the common things you can expect when you’re prepping for the shoot. In the beginning, it’s hard to find a groove and it feels awkward but you can do it. I believe in you and your ability to relax in a new situation like modeling for professional photographers. Don’t let the camera freak you out. It’s just capturing the special moments that naturally happen on a special type of adventure.


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